Navigating the Energy Economy

Welcome to Energy New England!

Everyone has a stake in the economics of energy. Energy New England has proven to be a trustworthy guide in helping multiple constituents navigate their way to achieving economic and environmental goals.

ENE can help you navigate the energy economy for optimum revenue generation, cost reduction, peak demand management, energy conservation, sustainability, and improved profitability. This includes helping you capitalize on financial incentives, meet carbon footprint goals and assume a leadership role in green practices.


Regulatory Roundup

The regulatory landscape for the New England markets is busy with many initiatives, some of which have the potential to significantly impact municipal system rates while others may provide business opportunities.

In Support of Municipal Utilities

As the sustainability enterprise of Energy New England, LLCC (ENE) the ECHOSM team has made a point of going “public.” That is, the retail division of ENE has worked closely with multiple municipal systems this October to help promote Public Power Month. Events have included presentations to seniors, community groups and even staffing a booth at a community green festival. “Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working closely with our utility customers to help them promote the importance of energy conservation to their residents,” said Donna Fitch, Manager, Conservation Services. “This provides all of us with an opportunity to not only highlight Public Power but to also share with customers the valuable services that are offered.”

ECHOSM staff have supported and participated in dozens of such public power events over the years, and will continue to do so in support of municipal systems and their residential customers.