Navigating the Energy Economy

Welcome to Energy New England!

Everyone has a stake in the economics of energy. Energy New England has proven to be a trustworthy guide in helping multiple constituents navigate their way to achieving economic and environmental goals.

ENE can help you navigate the energy economy for optimum revenue generation, cost reduction, peak demand management, energy conservation, sustainability, and improved profitability. This includes helping you capitalize on financial incentives, meet carbon footprint goals and assume a leadership role in green practices.


ENE & Flynn Financial Partners Investment Management Collaboration

Flynn Partners ENE is proud to announce an Investment Management Collaboration with Flynn Financial Partners. The arrangement between ENE and Flynn Financial Partners offers a new dimension to the resources available to our Utility members.

For more information regarding this collaboration go to: Flynn Financial Partners

ENE Partners with Seldera

ECHOSM Analytics combines with Building Dynamics tool Seldera
to analyze energy consumption through behavior analysis on campuses and in business facilities.