About Us

Founded in 1998, Energy New England (ENE) was formed by members of the public power community to enhance their competitive position and to attain operating efficiencies in power supply and retail account management.

ENE offers a unique understanding of the challenges faced by municipal utilities, generators, and retail power management. Accordingly, we have developed sophisticated and results oriented solutions. Our suite of services address and overcome the challenges associated with power supply cost management, ISO market administration, green asset management and the mitigation of power supply portfolio risk.

  • An energy cooperative founded in 1998
  • Owned by Braintree, Concord, Hingham, Taunton & Wellesley, and MA Public Power
  • Specialists in Management, Procurement, and efficient use of energy and water
  • Committed to Conservation, Optimization, and Environmental Stewardship
  • We operate in the Public interest
About Us