Business Services

ENE offers several solutions designed to help municipally owned electric companies discover more ways to achieve system-wide energy management and achieve sustainability goals.

PE, Lighting and Technical Audits

ENE provides the complete range of energy efficiency audits. These include preliminary facility evaluations, lighting-only audits and investment grade or technical audits. Our Certified Auditors also evaluate multiple fuels, including natural gas and oil, and we have the ability to provide assessments for virtually all equipment, including HVAC, motors, drives, and controls. Audit reports include baseline of energy usage, identification of efficiency opportunities, and projected return on investment. In the event the public power system offers rebates ENE can manager the post-audit process. In the event the public power system or investor-owned utility offers rebates ENE can manage the post-audit process.


ENE provides refrigeration analysis to help municipal, commercial and industrial clients discover significant savings opportunities. The analysis includes a review of cooler control, door heat control, fan motors, remote management technology, LED lighting, and night covers.

Power Factor

ENE can provide a power factor analysis for businesses quantifying the possible cost reductions available through power factor corrections.

To learn more about the Commercial and Industrial Conservation Solutions that could help you meet your system-wide conservation objectives contact ENE at 877.324.6487.

Demand Management

ECHO Analytics, shared utility-client demand management dashboard, allows load management to become an integral part of a utility, commercial, retail and industrial account’s resource planning whether the goal is to reduce cost, shift or curtail load, increase reliability or reduce emissions.

Energy Management System

ENE can make dumb buildings smart. Heating, cooling, and lighting of unoccupied space are a major waste of energy. Our energy management framework leverages the internet and wireless networks so facility managers can monitor and schedule HVAC operations. Many communities and businesses are struggling with the challenge of supporting growth and its associated demand for safe drinking water.

Water Conservation Services

Water conservation is an important tool for reducing water demand. ENE the sustainability enterprise of Energy New England (ENE), provides water conservation services that promote the benefits of water conservation and solutions to reduce water usage.