Residential Services

ENE’s suite of residential services, offered to customers of our participating municipal utilities, include our direct on-line request link where participating utility customers can request Energy Audits or call our toll free Energy Hotline (888-772-4242) where participating utility customers can request Home Energy Audits via our phone center, receive over-the-phone technical assistance and receive information about incentives or rebates currently offered by their municipal utility.

Residential Energy Audits

ENE provides comprehensive Residential Energy Audit services using our proprietary software. The Residential Energy Audit provides each utility customer with an evaluation and summary report of energy usage based on the Advisor’s visual inspection of the home. The Energy Advisor will evaluate a broad range of energy saving opportunities in the home, including:

  • Insulation
  • Appliances
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Window and door weather-stripping and replacement
  • Domestic hot water savings
  • Efficient lighting
  • Other energy saving recommendations

The Energy Advisor will also examine end uses, within the home in order to determine how energy efficient it is or could be, and compile the date in order to produce a detailed Energy Audit Report for the utility customer.

Utility customers are encouraged to accompany the Energy Auditor to share and gain valuable information during the analysis. One of our highly trained and experienced ENE Energy Advisors will then compile the data collected in order to produce an Energy Audit Report for the utility customer. Findings are reviewed and potential energy efficiency improvements and achievable energy savings are explained. Energy Saving sample materials will be provided during the course of the audit (e.g. LED’s, refrigerator brushes, weather-stripping, switch and outlet gaskets).

Enhanced technologies (Infrared (IR) scans and Blower Door Diagnostic Tests) are also available to utility customers as optional services at a nominal fee.

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