Residential Services

ECHO’s suite of residential services range from our 1-800 Energy Hot Line, which gives customers access to a trained Conservation Specialist who can assist with their energy questions and provide tips, rebate and incentive program management and Home Energy (including infrared and blower door diagnostics) and Water Audits.

Residential Energy

ECHOSM provides comprehensive Residential Energy Audit services using the house-as-a-system approach. This includes a thorough room by room assessment of the home, as well as an in-depth review of historic energy bills – both on the electric and heating side. The resident is encouraged to accompany the auditor to share and gain valuable knowledge during the room by room analysis. Our goal is to determine just how energy efficient the home is…..or could be based on the audit recommendations.

The audit is performed by a Certified Energy Advisor or Irrigation Expert. Utilizing our proprietary EnergyAide or WaterAide software the homeowner receives a comprehensive audit report which explains our findings, potential energy efficiency improvement recommendations, and energy savings that can be achieved as a result.

Residential Energy Audit Services:

  • Review building envelop for air seal leaks
    • Insulation, doors and windows
  • Assess room by room energy consumption
  • Heating and A/C system
  • Appliance calculations and rebate process
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting review
  • Enhanced services
    • Infrared (IR) scan
    • Blower Door diagnostics

Residential Water

The residential water audit service is designed to help residents discover the many effective ways to conserve water, and in rare situations discover leaks. The audit report provides in-system comparative usage data; savings for each measure identified; and additional recommendations for conservation measures.

Residential Water Audit Service:

  • Assess internal/external water use
  • Check toilets, sinks and showers for leaks and proper operation
  • Recommend water saving devices
  • Detailed analysis of water savings
  • Review of measure recommendations and payback estimates to achieve conservation goals

If we each save a little, we all save a lot. ECHOSM Residential Conservation Solutions are designed to help communities discover the many effective ways to conserve.