Water Efficiency Measures Can Lead to a Significant Reduction in Water and Sewer Costs

Many communities and businesses are struggling with the challenge of supporting growth and its associated demand for safe drinking water. Water conservation is an important tool for reducing water demand. Energy New England (ENE), provides water conservation services that promote the benefits of water conservation and solutions to reduce water usage.

The cornerstone of ENE’s water conservation services is our Water Audit Program. The purpose of a water audit is to educate consumers about the wise use of water, and to make their homes and businesses as water efficient as possible. During the audit, a trained water conservation inspector will identify appropriate conservation measures while detailing the resulting financial benefits.

Residential Water Audit Service:

  • Assess internal/external water use
  • Check toilets, sinks and showers for leaks and proper operation
  • Recommend water saving devices
  • Analyze payback calculations on measures to achieve conservation goals
  • Simulation of existing water use against computer model of the actual water bill

Irrigation System Audit:

  • Comprehensive look at saving water used for landscaping
  • Inspect automatic irrigation system with suggestions for control improvements, repairs, landscaping modification, and irrigation schedule

Commercial Water Audit Service:

  • Review process uses and treatment systems to assess the potential for recycle, reuse, and/or reduction. This may include a review of design vs. actual water use for various operations, sampling and analytical practices
  • Assess QA/QC practices, including predictive and preventive maintenance programs
  • Analysis applicable efficiency measures. These will be prioritized with respect to ease of implementation, payback and impact on facility operation
  • Identify opportunities for sub-metering of water use particularly for mission-critical operations
  • Discover opportunities to improve efficiency, shift usage and consumption profile
Water Conservation

ENE uses its proprietary WaterAide software. WaterAidea provides in-system comparative usage data; savings for each measure identified; and additional recommendations for water conservation. Resulting in a comprehensive audit report presented to participating water department and customer.

If we each save a little, we all save a lot. ENE Water Conservation Solutions are designed to help communities and businesses discover the many effective ways to conserve.