ENE’s Energy Applications encourage conservation via increased knowledge on usage and potential savings

ENE has developed several proprietary software applications to help municipals, residents and businesses further promote energy conservation. The energy applications are web-based, offering easy customization to support your organizations image. Utilizing the coupon integration you can further encourage users to take action and help you meet your conservation goals.

Appliance Calculator

The Appliance calculator is a user friendly application used by clients to understand the financial and environmental impact from energy efficient appliance upgrades. As a utility branded solution it is integrated onto the municipal’s website.

Water Calculator

ENE Water Calculator helps customers understand the financial value of wise water usage. It is a web-based tool that is integrated on municipals website with their rate schedule costs.

  • Custom branded to match utilities or business design
  • Integration into the Web & auditor PDA’s
  • Rebate coupon issuance
  • Reporting on potential conservation impact and cost saving

Water Calculator

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