Energy is the Largest Controllable Operating Expense for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

ECHO Analytics Energy Dashboard provides a clear window into your current system-wide energy use. With intuitive profiling, forecasting and benchmarking intelligence, ENE offers you the means to understand and reduce your energy charges.

Real-time and Historical Data

Our easy to access web-based dashboard provides real-time visibility into energy consumption. The historical data provides the information needed to uncover hidden energy saving opportunities that can lower overall energy usage. Utilizing real-time monitoring with historical data you can profile energy consumption and track performance against goals.

Reduce Demand Charges

With the benchmarking alerts you easily know about energy spikes while gaining the knowledge to reduce them in the future. Minimizing energy spikes will decrease your monthly demand charges.

Reduce Energy Consumption

ENE provides real-time consumption data against your rate structure to accurately track energy dollars spent across multiple facilities. Utilizing our solution you can trace actual versus budgeted energy costs to create credible energy budgets and set realistic usage/saving goals.

Utilizing real-time consumption data ENE replaces the best guess approach with actionable data.

ECHO Analytics Will Help Your Business:

  • Identify anomalies that should be investigated
  • Highlight events in building that impact usage such spike in energy usage and equipment left on overnight
  • Reduce Energy Usage and Demand Charges
  • Recognize costs, trends, usage patterns and more
  • Improve measurement of energy efficiency projects
  • Compare usage between buildings

Demand Manager - Usage

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