Realize Rapid Results From Energy Efficiency Programs

ENE Rapid integrates digital phone outreach, in-bound tier-one audit intakes, and automated scheduling to streamline resource deployment. We developed ENE Rapid to help Communities, Conservation Organizations, as well as Municipal Electric and Water Departments deliver energy conservation program results. Whether the local water authority has directed your Water Department to provide water conservation services or you have funding allocated to help the housing authority assist with energy conservation our platform can ensure you meet your objectives and reporting requirements.

Leverage digital messaging and collaboration software to:

  • Rapidly promote energy efficiency programs
  • Quickly capture Tier 1 audit data
  • Schedule site visits to optimize auditor resources & impact
  • Generate homeowner reports
  • Convert audits to estimates
  • Engage contractors collaboratively
  • Share information among consumers, vendors, state energy and WAP offices and others — and fullfill reporting and accountability requirements.

Rapid Promotion

Efficient Outreach For Immediate Results

Rapidly engage consumers via digital outbound notification calls or direct mail. Where appropriate, we can leverage utility customer information systems to establish a focused target list. We can even provide a national database with attributes such as household income and green orientation for optimum results and improved ROI.

Rapid Implementation

In-Bound Phone Audits, Automated Auditor Scheduling & Installation Support

Conduct low-cost, fast, Tier 1 audits via digital inbound surveys, and input results into a web database for sharing with on-site energy auditors and estimators — and for generating reports.

Schedule auditors or contractors for site visits during intake calls. For maximum productivity the auditors are schedule based on zip code and resource availability.

Rapid Documentation

The Ultimate in Accountability

Utilizing our collaborative software you have the means to capture and share data with peers and organizations to meet reporting and accountability requirements. Rapid’s documentation ensures you have the complete package to gain funding as well as meet government regulations.

Contact ENE today to learn how ECHO Rapid can help you rapidly deliver energy conservation program results.